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The True Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Five areas of AI that could open new opportunities in relationship management, sales and marketing

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Artificial Intelligence (AI). The most talked-about technology of 2017. The holy grail of computer science (according to Bill Gates).1 The pioneering innovation that’s set to revolutionise the way business leaders and senior executives like you work. But what is AI? What can it do, both now and in the future? And, more importantly, how can it change the way we work, for the better?

The following five key areas of AI innovation have the potential to live up to the hype – helping to enhance traditional business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), sales support and marketing automation.

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1. Recode, ‘Full video: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation CEO Susan Desmond-Hellman at Code 2016’,

Natural language processing (NLP)

The way we use and interact with machines is changing. What we’ve grown accustomed to over the last 30 years, such as graphical user interfaces (GUIs), no longer provides the interactions we expect. The introduction of touchscreen technology bridged the gap, but customers continue to demand more natural, personal ways of interacting with machines. So, what does today’s generation really want?


Users no longer have the time, or patience, to trawl through pages of content to find what they’re looking for. Instead, they’re after the most efficient and effective way of identifying that all-important nugget of information – allowing them to make smarter business decisions, faster.

Human-like conversations

Intelligent naturalistic mechanisms such as computerised voice recognition enable users to easily navigate to the right information without having to follow complex structures like menus and pages. The software is able to translate text and/or sounds into words, understanding the context and meaning behind each sentence. This allows users to interact with bots and machines in a way that’s comfortable for them.

Improved insights

Streamlined, humanistic interactions between users and machines will help to uncover the highest-value information that allows sales teams to better understand their prospects, competitors and market

Did you know?
95% of businesses that are skilled at using big data to solve challenges or gain new insights also use AI technologies, and this figure has risen from 59% in 2015.2

2.Forbes, ‘Artificial Intelligence Rapidly Adopted By Enterprises, Survey Says’,
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Predictive Modelling

With today’s enormous and forever-growing amount of data, collecting, storing and analysing the right information has become increasingly difficult – and predictive systems are now critical components that help turn insights into innovations. To keep pace, you need a solution that has sufficient compute power to track and analyse such a vast amount of data.

Machine learning

With machine learning, you’ll be able to construct predictive models from the results and data of different quantified opportunities through your sales cycle, helping to identify patterns of event types and customer attributes. This will enable you to accurately predict success and avoid failure, resulting in comprehensive sales strategies, campaign and product or service development. It will also mean that you can accurately assess future customer needs, pain, market challenges and opportunities.

Did you know?
It’s estimated that 90% of today’s global data has been created in the last year alone.3

3.SalesforceIQ, ‘How AI Is Changing The Day-To-Day Work Of Sales Teams’,


The buying and selling experience is in need of a revamp, and AI-driven systems can provide the necessary updates to keep pace with consumer demands. By doing so, your sales team will have access to the right information at the right time, helping to streamline their processes. But how?

Augmented reality

No doubt you’ve heard of augmented reality; the technology that’s appearing in everything from the latest cars to mobile apps such as Google Translate and 2016’s hit game, Pokemon Go. But away from the limelight, augmented reality has a pivotal role to play in the buying and selling experience.

With customers now demanding an immediate response to their queries in one-on-one situations, sales teams are expected to know every little detail. Augmented AI capabilities will help bring machine-based entities to real-world activities like meetings, phone calls and live chats. This will lead to more efficient ways of sifting through the big-data congestion by automatically sourcing and selecting the most relevant content.

Did you know?
By 2020, 30% of all companies will employ AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes.4

4.Gartner, ‘Gartner Predicts a Digital Future for CRM Sales Technology’,


Traditionally, top sales teams have used prospecting tools and lead-scoring software to identify and capitalise on high-potential leads. With big data now on the scene, new technologies are here to ensure you deal with the enormous volume of data. AI will help automate time-consuming, mundane tasks like collating data from millions of different online sources – allowing your workforce to concentrate on what really matters:

Turning insights into income

By segmenting solutions and automating processes, companies are able to combine online data with internal information from their own sales experiences, helping to paint a more in-depth picture of their customers, competitors and market. This provides a much more targeted approach to perfecting segmentation, lead generation and execution, which enables salespeople to better engage their prospects and increase sales.

Did you know?
61% of organisations with innovation strategies are applying AI to their data – helping to uncover previously missed opportunities like new revenue streams.5

5.Forbes, ‘Artificial Intelligence Rapidly Adopted By Enterprises, Survey Says’,
forbes.com/sites/gilpress/2016/07/20/artificial-intelligence-rapidly-adopted-by-enterprises-survey-says/ - 2a0db48312da.

Active sales assistants

Your time is precious, and your resources are restricted. Yet you’re expected to achieve more than ever. If you’re to succeed in today’s business environment, you need to take advantage of AI technologies that bring machines to the forefront of your sales team.

Round-the-clock research

You and your sales team work set hours, but computers are running all day, every day – including weekends. Imagine the quantity and quality of information they’ll be able to pull while you’re concentrating on nurturing new leads or closing deals.

In-the-moment information

It’s never a nice feeling entering the sales field feeling unprepared. If you’re to make a lasting impression on your customers, you need to answer their every question and act as a trusted advisor. AI-driven assistants or chatbots help to deliver the right information at the right time, ensuring you’re fully prepared for any situation. They’re also a great way to find and share relevant, interesting content with your peers.

Did you know?
75% of business executives believe AI will be actively implemented in their companies within the next three years,6 helping to improve decision-making and customer service, and boost sales revenues.

6.Economist Intelligence Unit, ‘Artificial Intelligence in the Real World’, January 2017

There’s no doubt about it, AI will revolutionise relationship management, sales and marketing – along with almost every other industry. But to what extent is something that remains to be seen. For now, companies like yours need to understand the capabilities of AI, recognise the early benefits it can bring to the way they work and put in place AI-ready processes that start their journey to becoming a future-ready, insights-driven business.

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